B&B Braids an Brows

Tiffany Renee' has joined beauty forces with Zenii by Inez to bring you B&B.  Brows and braids, two of the most sought after services this fall. This is a one day event on Thursday, October, 20th from 1pm - 4pm. All you have to do is show up, sit down, and let the professionals take care of you.

Hair must be washed, conditioned, and free of product and/oil in order to receive service. Up to 4 braids per person witout the addition of extension hair.

To wax or not to wax

Your friends have gotten it done. You have heard a coworker talk about their experience and started to make an appointment for your caribbean vacation last year but opted for Nair instead. Yes...waxing! What some consider to be self care others see as a torture fest. Come into Zenii by Inez on Tuesday, August 30th from 1pm - 3pm to learn what's better for your private places.  Fill out the form below to get in the know.

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